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Prehistoric park, castle, caves, museum

Prehistoric park, castle, caves, museum

Prehistoric park

Both park and museum, the Prehistory Park is the place to discover with fun, whether you are young or old, the life of Cro-Magnon people. Over the course of a day, you will learn to hunt, paint on the walls, cut flint, light fire as 14,000 years ago, or search like an archaeologist. The Grand Atelier, a museum space of 2500 m², will introduce you to the art of prehistory through films, objects and life-size replicas.
Parc de la Préhistoire - 09400
Tarascon-sur-Ariège (25 min from campsite)
Tél. : +33 5 61 05 10 10


Castle of Foix

Imposing walls, three towers having defied wars and time, the castle of Foix dominates the city as much as it impresses. Do not stop at the point of view that the visit offers you, follow the guide and travel through time! You will discover the work of the medieval builders, the architecture of this impregnable fortress, the life of the counts of Foix of which the most illustrious of them, Gaston Fébus, author of the "Book of hunting".

  • Modern and playful museum space
  • Participatory workshops to relive the Middle Ages
  • Grandiose medieval machines
  • Immersive scenery
  • A real escape game room
Château de Foix - 09000
Foix (25 min du camping)
Tél. : +33 5 61 05 10 10


Les Forges de Pyrène (ironworks)

The 5 ha of the museum site features 120 crafts, most of which have disappeared, a collection of 6,500 tools, several workshops hosted by our mediators and an original show on daily life at the beginning of the last century.

In this timeless village still resounds the hammering of an old forge transformed into a hewing room (tool making) in the nineteenth century. A unique piece classified as a Historic Monument in 1983, the martinet forge (a large forge hammer driven by a hydraulic wheel) is the last one still in operation in France. This lively and pleasant museum welcomes small, the workshops are covered and run in all weather.
09330 Montgailhard
(20 min from campsite)
Tel. : +33
5 34 09 30 60


Museum of Textile and Horn Comb

The guided tour of the museum is filled with demonstrations to discover, in turn, all the stages and processes of making the fabric in the atmosphere and the atmosphere preserved of the first factory of Lavelanet which now houses the museum.

Fibres and spinning of wool, dyes colors, weaving, carding of a mechanical spinning of the 19th century
6 rue Jean Canal – 09300 Lavelanet
(10 min from campsite on foot)
Tel. : +33
5 61 03 89 19


The Niaux cave

The Niaux cave is one of the most famous Palaeolithic caves in Europe and one of the few caves with wall paintings still open to the public.

In the light of a lamp, walking in the footsteps of the Cros-Magons, you will live much more than a guided tour! You have an appointment with a part of your history: the visit will allow you to admire, like nowhere else, the authentic paintings of our ancestors: emotions guaranteed!

To preserve these 14,000-year-old works, the number of visitors is limited, the reservation is essential.
Grotte de Niaux - 09400
Niaux (35 min frorm campsite)
Tel. : +33 5 61 05 10 10


Cave of the Mas d'Azil

With its impressive porch and a river that crosses it, the cave of the Mas d'Azil is a spectacular site! The place is also famous for its prehistoric remains. The interpretation centre will allow you to discover the life of the first men who occupied the cave. The guided tour will make you relive the excavations of archaeologists through their discoveries: superb objects engraved and sculpted by Cro-Magnon and bones of animals of the ice age: mammoths, rhinoceroses, bears..
Grotte de Niaux - 09290
Niaux (55 min from campsite)
Tél. : +33 5 61 05 10 10